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2021 Virtual Gasp Format

We have all been challenged to adapt and change for the time being. The Gasp is no exception and now we challenge each of our riders once again to adapt and change!

The Gasp will be remaining virtual in 2021.

What does this mean for you? Here are some answers:

What is my registration fee?

Your new registration fee has been lowered to $25.00. 

What is the minimum fundraising commitment?

$250 for The Virtual Gasp 2021.

When will the ride happen?

You can ride at any time during the week of September 5 through September 11. Track your miles and submit photos for contests throughout the course of the week to make it a fun-filled day. The Gasp  is a 55 mile ride so we challenge you to strive for a grand total of 55 miles throughout the week, but that never stopped anyone for shooting for 100 miles!!

How will you be tracking mileage?

It is an honor system that we believe you will use. There is no required mileage for the ride this year, but we are asking you to set a goal and get after it! It may even help you in your fundraising!! The Gasp is a 55 mile ride, so that is a great goal to start with! Doesn't have to be all in one day!

Do I still need to fundraise?

The short answer is yes. Our nonprofit beneficiaries need you more than ever. These are challenging times for all of us and we at The Gasp recognize this, so we have decreased the minimum fundraising to $250 for this year to help you in your efforts.

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