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The Gasp 2021 Route Choices

Two Riders About to Cross The Finish Line from The Gasp 2018

You will have your choice of 3 Routes in 2021!

The Traditional 55-Mile Route:

This route is what we rode last year including the Last Gasp Hill. This route that will always be known as the founding route for the Gasp. Over the years it has changed a bit, as well as the mileage. Having various different starting venues, finish lines and turns as the route has evolved has lead us the our traditional route. For a turn by turn description of the route, please click here.

Our NEW 42-Mile Route:

Sometimes 55 miles can seem a little daunting. Especially when it includes the Last Gasp Hill and the hills of Truro at the end. For those of you concerned about the terrain or simply your ability to complete the ride in a timely manner, we have shortened our route just a bit. You will follow the Traditional Route as far as the end of the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Wellfleet, where you can leave your bike and wait for transportation to bring you to the finish line so that you can enjoy the festivities.

By clicking here you will see the turn-by-turn directions for our 42 mile route.

Finally, for those looking for the challenge  A TRUE 62:

We will follow Route 6A and Route 6 all the way from Sandwich to Provincetown just like the original Gasp and loop you around to make the mileage equal to a true 62 mile ride. Our team of dedicated cyclists are busy working on the final details as we speak, but rest assured that this will happen! Stay tuned for the exact course.




We are sorry that we can not provide the in-person experience of The Gasp for 2020.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you again in 2021, and we appreciate your willingness to continue to support our local nonprofit beneficiary partners by taking on The Virtual Gasp 2020!

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