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Idle Times!

The Gasp Safety and Notes:
NO AERO BARS: In group situations such as this on an open course, aero bars can create a real safety issue. Please be considerate of all riders and do not use aero bars during The Gasp. This is an open course, group ride, NOT A RACE.
LIGHTS!!! This ride, during this time of year and at this starting time in the morning is particularly conducive to foggy conditions. For Safety, we HIGHLY recommend the use of lights / flashers at the start.
FIRST TURN. We are working with MADOT to try and have this corrected by ride day, but if it is not possible,  please watch out for a very rough bit of road as you approach MA-6A just after starting the ride.
DISMOUNT AT THE RAILROAD TRACKS. There is a set of railroad tracks in Sandwich that cause trouble for our riders every year. Please dismount and walk over the tracks to avoid injury.
RIDE SINGLE FILE. As riders, it is important to share the road for your own safety. This is an open course on well traveled roads. Automobiles will be sharing the road with you as well.
As always communicate with fellow riders and look out for one another!!
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